Recently we attended the launch of Porcelanosa’s wonderful new product – XTONE.  We were so impressed by this supremely functional tile, we’ve decided to supply it to you



What’s so great about XTONE?

  • This multi-talented large format tile means its applications – surfaces, furniture, facades, worktops, islands, backsplashes, flooring and more – are joint-free. So, the result is clean, sleek and seamless – no more cracking joins or areas for dirt to lurk – just hardworking, robust and unequalled elegance for your home. 


  • It’s also suitable for interior and exterior applications; so to create that smooth flow from inside to outside, you can use the same tiles for both kitchen and patio. And XTONE is resistant to extremes of temperature leaving its performance and aesthetics unaltered.


  • This tile is not only versatile, it comes in 19 gorgeous collections and 10 delicious tones – works of art in their own right!


  • And if that weren’t enough, XTONE is also extremely tough. Generally beating quartz, marble, granite and other conventional solid surfaces handsdown when it comes to stain, heat and scratch resistance.


  • It’s also low maintenance. Easy to clean, it prevents absorption of odour-creating liquids and gases.  And it’s 100% natural and recyclable.


This beautiful and durable large-format porcelain tile with its remarkable properties will utterly transform your kitchen, garden, furniture and surfaces.

So come and have a chat or phone us on 01895 230 600 for more information.