As many of our followers may know, we are proud to collaborate with Miele, and Der Kern by Miele offer fantastic recipes to help you be inspired within your kitchen at home! We’ve highlighted some of our favourites summer recipes below to help you get inspired to cook up a storm and enjoy the heatwave!

Miele offer innovative appliances for your dream home space, priding themselves on pushing creativity, inspiration and uniqueness with their range of ovens, hobs and more kitchen installations.

“Perfect as a side dish to accompany the smoky flavour of barbecued meats, these summer roast potatoes are coated with plenty of garlic, chilli and onion powder for maximum flavour. Pre-cooking in a Miele Steam Oven ensures the potatoes are soft inside, while using the Crisping function on a Miele Oven provides a fabulous crunch.”


  • 2kg Floury potatoes, peeled and quartered

  • 150ml vegetable oil

  • 2tbsp. chilli powder

  • 2tbsp. soft light brown sugar

  • 1tbsp. garlic powder

  • 1tbsp. onion powder

  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper


  1. Place the peeled and quartered potatoes into a large perforated steam tray. Transfer into a Miele Steam Oven and steam at 100°C for 15 minutes, or until almost fully cooked and soft. Remove from the oven and give them a good shake to fluff the outside of the potatoes.

  2. Heat your oven on Fan Plus 220°C and pour all but 2tbsp. of vegetable oil in to a roasting tray and place in the oven to heat through until it is piping hot.

  3. Coat the potatoes with the remaining oil, spices, salt and pepper and transfer to the roasting pan and toss around to coat with the hot oil. If available on your oven, select the Crisping Function or if using a Combination Steam Oven – cook on Combination Mode at 0% humidity.

  4. Cook the potatoes for 35 – 40 minutes until the potatoes are crisp and golden. Serve immediately.

“For a coffee with a sweet and refreshing kick, try a Café Bombon, a drink popular in Spain and South East Asia. If using a Miele coffee machine, use the coffee or long coffee drink settings.”


Makes 2

  • 250ml Miele fresh coffee

  • 100ml sweetened condensed milk

  • A handful of ice cubes


  1. Place your tall coffee glasses in the freezer for at least 15 minutes before serving.

  2. Pour freshly brewed coffee over a handful of ice in the serving glass. Slowly add the sweetened condensed milk to allow it to sink underneath the freshly brewed coffee, creating two separate bands of contrasting colour. You can adjust the sweetness level by adding more or less condensed milk.

  3. Stir and serve once cool.

“Light and fluffy, these American Pancakes are fun to make with little ones at home. Feel free to substitute whole milk with your non-dairy milk of choice – oat, almond or coconut milk work well. You and the kids can personalise the pancakes with toppings of your choice, or serve simply with a delicious drizzle of maple syrup and a scattering of seasonal berries. The TempControl function on selected Miele induction hobs makes cooking much easier with its intelligent temperature sensor technology to ensure a precise heat output, automatically maintaining the optimum temperature – resulting in perfectly cooked pancakes.”


For the Pancakes

  • 130g plain flour, sieved
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp golden caster sugar
  • 130ml whole milk
  • 1 large egg, lightly beaten
  • 2 tbsp melted butter (allowed to cool slightly), plus extra for cooking

To Serve

  • Maple syrup


  1. Place the flour, baking powder, salt and caster sugar into a large bowl. In a separate bowl, lightly whisk together the milk and egg, then whisk in the melted butter.
  2. Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture and, using a fork, beat until you have a smooth batter. Allow the batter stand for a few minutes.
  3. Heat a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and add a knob of butter (if your hob has the temperature control function use setting 3). When the butter has melted, add a ladle of batter.
  4. Once the top of the pancake begins to bubble, turn it over and cook until both sides are golden brown and the pancake has risen. Repeat until all the batter is used up.
  5. Serve with a drizzle of maple syrup.