With the new season approaching and the blue skies displaying that spring is finally here, we wanted to take a look at some kitchen trends for 2022 to lend a spot of inspiration for you and your home! Spring is a time of freshness and of renewal, so we wanted to take a look at some design tips and new ideas that could bring the hub of your home to life and add the updated look for the new year and moving forward! Check out some ideas below.

Bring The Outside In

There’s nothing quite like nature to make a space feel calming and stylish in all in one go. Adding fresh plant life to your kitchen space can really make the room feel more vibrant and welcoming. Leafy green plants dotted on tailored shelves or in the spaces between your utensils and appliances make for a wonderfully visual contrast that is striking and appealing even on a low budget.

Marvellous Marble

It may seem like an obvious to some and too risky for others in terms of visual design for ones kitchen, but the reality is that marble is a true statement piece within the room. When re-designing your kitchen or renovating your home, think about favouring a marble worktop or island over a statement splashback or bold colours pops. Let this be the elegant focal point of the room 

Mixing The Old With The New

It can be a very tempting design choice to make sure that everything is completely in line with every other component of that room. But there is a real beauty in mixing antiques or more traditional/vintage items with more modern, sleek aspects. Utilise the more country home style chairs and tables in a beautifully clean, tiled space and you’ll see how unique everything feels with just the simplest of changes.

The Dark Side

Last year saw a real focus on greens being a colour choice for kitchen design, but this year it’s all about embracing the darker tones. Don’t be afraid to go all out with them from cupboards/units to worktops, floors and appliances but if you’re wanting to still have the lighter shades there too, it’s just as beneficial to focus on one component to add a darkness to the space such as the units and lets everything else provide a more open and stark vibe.