So, you’ve bribed the family to stay out of the kitchen, the television’s on, you’ve got your baking tray greased, equipment at the ready and ingredients weighed.  Noel and Sandi have given you your starter’s orders – and you’re off.  The timer’s ticking; it’s a tough challenge but you’re on a roll.


It’s looking pretty good.  You’re not going to let Paul put you off when he does that intake of breath thing and you know you’re probably doing something wrong but – hey, what does he know? You’ve made some this before and no-one’s fallen sick.


Sandi announces you have half an hour LEFT!  That’s fine, you can do this.  You’re in complete control – you’re visualising THAT handshake when you triumph.  Star Baker’s in the bag.  You pour your delicious mixture on to the baking tray.   Suddenly….


You realise you’ve forgotten something.  You slap a floury palm to your forehead.  What is it?  WHAT IS IT?  You wrack your brains – you go back over the ingredients.  No; they’re all in.  Then it hits you.


You forgot to buy Neff’s amazing Hide and Slide Oven!  You know, the one they use on the show, with the door that slides away.  It was on your shopping list!  Star Baker recedes by the second.  You see the disappointment in Paul and Prue’s eyes. You know that all your bottoms are doomed to be soggy and your Showstopper will stop shows for all the wrong reasons.  So, no handshake for you.  You do the walk of shame but try to be brave for that final interview.


Luckily, we can save you further humiliation.  Come and talk to us about the amazing things our range of Neff Hide and Slide Ovens can do.  There’s the Vario Steam feature which sets the right amount of moisture for perfect roasting, baking and reheating. And if you hate cleaning ovens like we do, there’s the Pyrolytic Cleaning system for spotless ovens at the press of a button.  There’s also Full Steam: a fully functioning oven and steamer in one to preserve the nutrients and flavours of your food.  These are just a few of the fabulous functions Neff’s Hide and Slide provides.


Come and have a chat; we’ll be more than happy to show you how they work and, more important, how you can improve your cooking! Your family and guests will be eternally grateful.