Kitchen islands are an ideal space for you to experiment with ingredients and entertain your guests. By incorporating your NEFF hob and ceiling cooker hoods within your island, you’ll have more useful kitchen space and a fresh, clean atmosphere.

NEFF’s ceiling extractor hoods come in a wide range of styles – from stainless steel and glass, to box or curved designs – to complement your favourite hob. There are energy-efficient models with LED lights and a soft light dimmer function. Whether you’re lightly steaming your broccoli or bringing the pasta to the boil, you can adjust the five power levels with TouchControl. Their ceiling extractors come with an adjustable chimney section to fit most ceiling heights, and you can use the hood for ducted or recirculation operation.

Quietly eliminating unwanted odours and steam, NEFF’s ceiling extractor hoods can be built into the ceiling to save valuable kitchen space and don’t obscure your magic. Sleek and simple to install with Plug and Play, the ceiling extractors are suitable for recalculating air, so there’s no need to install ducting. And thanks to EfficientDrive, these hoods save up to 80% energy compared to a conventional extractor fan – which is why NEFF’s ceiling extractors have been given the much-coveted A energy rating. They’ve also made maintenance effortless, and the metal grease filters can simply be cleaned in the dishwasher. You can even use your ceiling extractor hood as an air freshener. If you like, it automatically purifies the air for five minutes every hour.


Simply eye-catching

If you like a contemporary styled kitchen with an island cooking area, NEFF’s island cooker hoods can add an inspiring focal point.

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The centre of your universe

If cooking is your passion, the kitchen island is probably the centre of your universe – and NEFF’s integrated ceiling hoods make sure it stays that way.

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