In the next installment of our ‘Meet The Team’ series we meet Ken from our Design & Sales team and Hugh, our Accounts Manager! We hope you’re enjoying getting to know our close-knit family at The Kitchen Company. There’s more still to come but in the meantime make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for behind the scenes looks at our projects, completed designs, offers and kitchen tips & tricks!

Name? Ken

Role at The Kitchen Company? Design and Sales

Favourite recipe to cook at home? #1 Dishoom

#2 I also love trying out recipes from various foodie websites. But I do depend on reviews before selecting one to try first, before unleashing my culinary delights when entertaining! There is usually one element in one of those cooking methods, that is a game changer for that dish.

A kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? There cannot be just one!

#1:My Siemens Steam-Combination Oven. I use it for microwave-combination feature to save time, the added-steam feature to enhance nearly every oven cooked meal and the menu option which has been very successful by combining all functions behind the scene.

#2:My spice dry and wet grinder. The wet grind mode for mixing the spices before adding to a dish.  The dry grinder for either spices or grinding coffee beans for that freshly ground coffee taste which make all the difference and releases a fantastic, lasting, coffee aroma!

What’s a kitchen trend, statement, appliance or piece of advice for consumers in 2021? Technology has made huge leaps in the last 5 years and will continue to influence decisions in all aspects when planning a new kitchen or if replacing a new appliance.

Combining features into a single appliances for example oven/microwave/steam, can fundamentally change a kitchen design.

Healthy eating is an ongoing trend that brings in new cooking functions like steam, into the decision making process.

With gas installations now disallowed in new builds in the next 5 years, so manufacturers are scrambling to improve their offerings for cooking hobs and boilers.

Energy consumption is now in the limelight, with all manufacturers being obligated to display their energy ratings. Clients are choosing more premium products for example; dishwashers and dryers with heat recovery pumps that have low energy ratings. These new models can recoup their higher appliance costs in just 7 years, whilst also buying in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment.

Name? Hugh Simons

Role at The Kitchen Company? Accounts Manager

Favourite recipe to cook at home? Full British Roast

A kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? Steam Oven. When I had my new Steam Oven installed, I had no idea of the multi-functional capability of it! It seems strange for an oven but the different setting for each type of cooking has some amazing results – with steam functions for juicy roasts, and crispy pizza. It made this my new favorite gadget…that and my coffee machine. 

What’s a kitchen trend, statement, appliance or piece of advice for consumers in 2021? I am loving the dark blue and green cabinets that are becoming very popular, couple that with a stand out worktop makes a kitchen really pop.