Our Neff-Chef is doing her finger press-ups as we speak to be in peak cooking condition for our ever-popular Demo Day.

Do you find when you invite people over for a meal, they always seem to have prior engagements?  Or maybe they turn up but bring a secret stash of sandwiches to eat under the table?

Well, no more!  With a little help from the clever techies at Neff, our Chef will transform your culinary skills.

She’ll be conjuring up magical delights for you to sample using lots of brilliant Neff gadgetry and showing you how you too can create works of wonderment Nefficiently and Neffortlessly (see what I did there?) to stun your friends and family – but in a good way. 

All puns are completely free of charge – as is the Demo Day.  So get in touch with our friendly staff on 01895 230600 for further details and to let them know you’ll be coming.