Miele’s GENERATION 7000 – Transforming how you Cook


Tired and hungry after a tough day at the coal-face?  Friends turning up unannounced expecting to be fed pronto? Children eyeing-up the cat because supper’s not ready? Whatever the scenario, you’ll want to be able to produce a speedy, nourishing meal without the faff.


As luck would have it, the diligent tech-elves at Miele have been working their small automated socks off to address the ever-increasing demands of today’s busy household, creating amazing innovative solutions to solve your culinary nightmares while saving you time and effort.




This is truly something to behold!  The Dialog oven will simply revolutionise how you cook.  With the aid of sensors and the ground-breaking M Chef technology, the appliance communicates with each individual item of food every 10 seconds.  This means that the oven can defrost meat, bake bread and heat fish, for example, SIMULTANEOUSLY.  I know!  Extraordinary.  And each item of food will be just how you want it.


So, as the picture illustrates, should you wish to cook fish inside a block of ice without melting the ice (not that you would, of course) or a veal fillet in a beeswax coating with the veal cooked to perfection and without melting the wax, the Dialog Oven would let you do that!  Now that’s a real game-changer.





Increasingly, we’re using our mobile phones to organise our daily lives.  Whether it’s getting instant answers at the pub quiz (no, we don’t do that either), booking your Uber, conference calling, facetiming friends, there’s almost always ‘an app for that’.  Well now Miele’s kitchen technology has romped home with some amazing features connecting you with your appliances with the Miele@Mobile App while you’re out and about (or binge-watching Game of Thrones at home), to cut down on prep and cooking time.


How happy would King Alfred have been (he of the burnt cakes fame, for history buffs amongst you) if he’d had TasteControl?  This unique feature allows you to stop your food over-cooking, either using the app or by programming it to come on automatically.  Motorised opening of the oven door and an ingenious ventilation system reduces oven temperature by 100 degrees in less than 5 minutes preventing further cooking.  And if you select the ‘Keep Warm Function’, the food will be done to a turn and ready when you are.  Just imagine, with TasteControl, the course of history might have been changed completely!


And Miele’s intuitive MotionReact function allows your appliance to spring to life as you approach, turning itself on and lighting up the interior to show what’s inside!  How friendly is that?  No more fiddling, poking, prodding and knob-turning to get the thing started like you have to with other brands.





Actually, King A would have been pretty happy with this next item too:


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, allow us to introduce you to Miele’s in-oven FoodView; the first PyroFit camera on the market.  By connecting to the Miele@Mobile App, you can now check how your meal’s coming along – on the hoof.  And if you think your food won’t be ready in time, or it’s looking a bit browner than you’d like, you can adjust the settings accordingly.  Just don’t try taking a selfie!




Thanks to Miele’s innovative microwave inverter technology (for all you tech nerds out there), the Steam Oven with Microwave’s new RapidSteam feature means both microwave and steam can be used at the same time.  This provides quicker results for any dish that can be steamed, by introducing small levels of microwave power in the background.  Saving you SO much time and helping preserve the natural goodness of the food.


Similarly Mix&Match, new and exclusive to Miele Combination Steam Ovens, allows users to combine suitable foods in one cooking programme for best results, with temperatures and cooking times adjustable using the Miele@Mobile App.  




You can’t operate without a shot or two of coffee?  Well, all you need is your Barista pinny and one of Miele’s intuitive Coffee Machines to start serving up a choice of over 20 Coffee Specialities – including Ristretto, Espresso Macchiato and Cappuccino Italiano.  All available with Onetouch for Two and Double Shot.


If tea’s your poison, choose from one of 7 tea specialities on offer while your machine keeps track of the brew time and adapts the temperature for each brew.


And maintenance has never been so easy with AutoClean & AutoDescale – one cartridge for each is positioned inside the machine for automatic cleaning when not in use.  It’s always ready when you need that shot!






Improved controls throughout make operation of Induction Hobs quicker and easier.  WiFi Conn@ct

provides status updates so you can keep an eye on what’s happening.  For TempControl hobs, Frying Zone Assist helps you work out what temperature to set for each food type.  Ingenious!


With Con@ctivity 3.0, you can just concentrate on the cooking.  Ever so cleverly, your cooker hood detects when the hob is on or off and responds automatically via wifi, adjusting to what’s happening on the hob.


The FullSurface feature means there are no predefined cooking zones – so the whole cooking area can be used – and this is available in 60cm, 80cm & 90cm.  And up to 6 pots can be used on the 80cm & 90 cm FullSurface hobs – more than any other manufacturer.


If you place two pans of different temperatures too close to each other, PositioningAid will alert you so you can move one away for optimum results.  You don’t even need to think!



We’ve hardly scratched the surface of all the fantastic innovations on offer from Miele’s GENERATION 7000.  To find out more, nip in and see us or give us a call on 01895 230600!