Now that we’re beginning to emerge blinking into the daylight after our recent hibernation, some of us will be returning to workplaces while others will continue working from home.

Over the last weeks, many families will have been vying for precious workspace at the kitchen table or disappearing into the bathroom to make conference calls while simultaneously trying to keep small children and pets at bay. If working from home will be the new normal for you, then it’s worth considering creating a dedicated home-office or workspace to meet your needs.

Spare Bedroom

With Daval’s ingenious dual-purpose furniture, you’re able to continue working seamlessly with no unfortunate hints as to its other identity during client Zoom meetings. With the desk concealing filing drawers and office equipment alongside a chest of drawers for bedroom use, this streamlined furniture guarantees a high level of professionalism during office use. And when the work-day is over, your home office reverts to bedroom/guestroom at the pull of a handle.

  Kitchen Work-Space

Kitchens today have become multi-purpose spaces to accommodate busy lifestyles. Entertainment hubs, formal and informal dining-cum-food prep areas, places to relax and watch television while a fabulous meal is on the go. Friends and family can all be together, so no-one misses out on the chat.

And if space is tight, a kitchen can be designed to incorporate work-space too. A place for the laptop, printer, paper and books, all of which can be hidden away neatly behind cabinet doors when not in use. Great when you’re working from home or for the children’s homework so you can keep an eye on them while you cook.

Garden Room

Maybe you have a garden room where you store your rarely used exercise bike and gym kit?

If so, now is the time to turn this valuable space into a dedicated home office fit for the future – and the perfect solution to keeping work and family life separate. Your upgraded garden room, with its bespoke layout and design – desk, filing drawers, bookshelves, storage cabinets, whatever you require to create office space that precisely meets your needs – solves the problem of cats on the keyboard and kids under your feet!

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